Z-Fit offers on-site, wellness services to businesses within the North Carolina Triangle area.  These services will provide our participants with the knowledge and experience necessary to realize meaningful, sustainable health improvements in their own lives, the lives of their workplace community, and those of their families. Our services include:

Group Fitness

Change the way you look and feel about your body. Enhance your ability to move through the world and become healthier in the process. Z-Fit trainers keep you motivated and provide personalized workouts so you are guaranteed to make continuous improvements.

High intensity, constantly varied workouts are proven to get results. Trainers use functional movements, or the natural patterns your body is meant to perform, to help you move better and thrive in your health and fitness goals.

What should you expect from Z-Fit trainers?

  • Fun, highly varied workouts (Using body weight, kettlebells, resistance bands, etc)
  • Restored mobility, flexibility and coordination
  • Sport-specific training to increase strength, endurance, power and speed
  • Creative energy
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Accountability

Z-Fit Movement Therapy

Z-Fit is a training system designed to restore natural and correct movement patterns by retraining your nervous system.  Z-Fit trainers help you reeducate your brain and body to develop better, healthier movement patterns that can help you reduce pain, increase flexibility and reach your fitness goals. The goal of Z-Fit is to help you expand your neural understanding of your body, creating a whole new you, complete with a new movement capacity and a new outlook on life.

Z-Fit starts in the nervous system. Our nervous system and our brain naturally protect areas of our bodies that underperform due to pain, injury or instability. The goal of Z-Fit is to re-train both your brain and your body to optimize your movements and gain mobility and strength.

Our trainers will show you how to correct your nervous system and teach your body to once again move the way it was meant to move. As you train your body with Z-Fit, it will naturally respond. Your movements will become more effective and purposeful, allowing you to perform better, move quicker and be stronger.


We will offer Yoga classes as well as Mobility classes.  Yoga will focus on therapeutic gains as well as mobility.

We will offer a focused mobility course (foam rollers/etc.) For an intense focus on joint/muscle relief.


Individual Consultations and Group Workshops

Our certified trainers can will deliver essential wellness information to you employees!  Relieving pain due to injury or limited mobility

  • Nutritional Guidance
  • Managing or losing weight
  • Developing athletic performance
  • Training for a specific goal or sport
  • Sustaining motivation and accountability
  • Expanding their fitness and nutrition regimen
  • Improving physical and mental health

Program Evaluation Consult

If you simply would like some advice, we can observe your entire workplace wellness program and give expert advice on how to maintain/improve/expand your current system.



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