Z-Fit Trainers are in the top 1% in our field. This level of excellence is attributed, not only to our physical training techniques, but to our understanding of the body, nutrition, and coaching clients in implementing new eating behaviors in their daily lives. Our understanding of the stages of change that must be navigated to produce lifelong successes has helped our many clients achieve long term and manageable body composition transformations.

Most of the diets you’ll see in the training community have a few things in common. High protein is a common factor, and for good reason. You need it to repair the damaged tissues that result from training. But the most common factor you’ll see — and the one we endorse most wholeheartedly — is to eat real, quality food. Beyond that it’s up to you to experiment with what works best for your lifestyle and goals. To put it simply, Z-Fit does not have an “official” dietary recommendation. We’ve got a coach who follows paleo pretty strictly, even owning her own paleo bakery. Another who avoids wheat as much as possible and does his darndest to stick to whole foods most of the time. And at least one coach pretty much just eats anything that’s put in front of him. So if we were to give you any advice at all it would be as follows: 1) Think QUALITY. Avoid cheap and processed foods as much as posslbe. Good quality food can be expensive, we know. But so is getting sick often or injured easily. You need quality food, period. The crappier the food you take in the crappier your health will be. Being dead might be cheaper, but why would you want that? Michael Pollan’s general guide is an excellent one to base your diet around: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.” He says “eat food” because so many of us don’t. Instead we eat “edible foodlike products.” Stick to real, quality food. 2) Test and retest. This is a fundamental characteristic of Z-fit. What works for one person may not work for another. In fact, one person’s uplifting diet may be truly damaging to another. Don’t take anyone’s word at face value when it comes to nutrition. If it sounds reasonable or interesting to you, try it. Document your progress — or lack thereof — and compare it to other results from other nutrition plans you’ve tried. Pick the one that works for you. 3) Don’t be dogmatic. Be ready to having your understanding of fitness, nutrition, and general health challenged regularly. Don’t be surprised when ideas you hold dear are proven wrong. Be open to possible change. Be willing to experiment… within reason. 4) Know your goals. If you don’t have goals in mind then it doesn’t make sense to start following a nutrition plan of any type. Make sure your goals are clear first and then seek out the nutritional plan that will help you get there. Just like how we attack our weaknesses in regards to functional movements and lifts. Feel free to talk to your coaches and ask questions. We’re here to help!


Our supplement provider of choice is SFH. They produce the purest protein and fish oil around. If you’re curious, you should click here to read the details behind their products. These guys know their stuff!

If you’d like to buy some SFH, you can get all you’re looking for via our online store. Just click here and go to Online Store > Products. Then select the items you want and add to cart. You can then pick up your items at the gym. (Please note that we do not ship currently.)

Oh and did we mention that we offer SFH cheaper than anyone in the area?

Here are the products we keep in stock along with a brief description courtesy of SFH:

Pure protein (2 lb bag)

Whey protein is a pure, natural, high quality protein from cow’s milk. Our whey protein is derived from grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones. It is a rich source of the essential amino acids needed on a daily basis by the body.

Our proteins hydrate well in water and are absorbed very well by your body. All whey proteins differ in lactose content, fats and calcium. Pure Whey has low lactose content; is low in cholesterol; and high in free calcium.

It is an excellent protein choice for all ages including children and provides a number of benefits in areas including sports nutrition, weight management, immune support, bone health, and general wellness.

If you are concerned about your child’s food choices, Pure Whey, with 82% protein content is an excellent choice to help kids grow up healthy.

Recovery protein (2 lb bag)

If you are looking for our Post Workout formula, you clicked on the right image. Because so many of you were calling it Recovery, we decided to change the name. Thank you for your patience while we do the switchover.

Sometime after a workout, you will feel like you’ve recovered but at the cellular level it could take hours / days to recover fully. This formula is designed to re-energize your cells by increasing your ATP levels (Adenosine Triphospate- the energy powerhouse of the cell).

Within an hour after your workout, mix yourself up a dose of Recovery Formula. Then, either eat a real meal or take another dose about two hours later. The purpose is to re-energize your tired muscles and help them recover, maintain joint health and flexibility and decrease the negative effects of free radical oxidants. A muscle cell reloaded with ATP will make new muscle quickly.

Recovery is approximately 2/3 whey concentrate derived from a grass fed, free range cows, which are never treated with antibiotics or bovine growth hormones and approximately 1/3 essential amino acids for recovery.

Fuel protein (2 lb bag)

Our newest addition to the SFH Whey Family. We have taken two great products (SFH Daily Balance & In-Race) and created one formula to use anytime (except post workout). SFH FUEL is made for everyone.

The ultimate anytime protein to fuel your daily needs. SFH FUEL combines non-denatured whey protein derived from A2 milk (from grass-fed, free range cows), coconut fat (MCTs) and apple pectin (a mixture of medium glycemic carbohydrates in a matrix of natural fiber).

SO3+D3 Omega-3 Oil (6 or 10 oz bottle)

More than 3100mg EPA+DHA and 1000 IU Vitamin D3 in 1 tsp!

The newest addition to our SO3 Omega-3 Oil Product Family: SO3+D3 Super Omega 3 (SO3) + D3 High Potency Oil.

Each teaspoon delivers over 3100mg of EPA and DHA
Each teaspoon delivers 1000IU of Vitamin D3 (Cholecaliciferol)
Soy free, gluten free and sugar free
Five delicious flavors: tangerine, mint, lemon, vanilla and chocolate
All natural concentrated omega 3 oil
Liquid form to optimize absorption efficiently
Third party tested: our SO3 oil meets or exceeds CRN, GOED, IFOS, WHO and Prop 65 Standards.
Our product is prepared from sardines, herring and anchovies using molecular distillation making it possible to concentrate EPA and DHA.
Mercury free, no heavy metals, no toxins