Full Body Approach

The human body is an awesome ensemble of muscle, bones, organs and the connective tissue that holds it all together. What is truly amazing, and often overlooked in athletic training, is the governing system that makes it work – the human nervous system. The nervous system controls every aspect of the body and its movements.

Our purpose at Z-Fit is to improve your ability to control your nervous system. We approach athletic performance from the body as a whole, so you can correct movement patterns to become more efficient and surpass your usual marks.

Preventing Compensation

In Z-Fit, we break down all movements to their most basic elements. Rebounding a basketball, squatting 300 pounds or sitting down in a chair all require optimal hip function to have optimal performance. Any deficiency in the movement of the hip will create what is called compensation.

For the basketball player, this means slower reaction times as the body has to adjust before it gets into the correct position to jump. For the weightlifter, it means compromising strength because he can not acheive the proper lines of force to maximize the lift. And what about the person sitting in the chair? Every time she sits she reinforces an unhealthy movement pattern that results in joint stiffness and weakness, which can lead to back pain, immobility and arthritis.

Z-Fit personal trainers teach you how to take the brakes off your body by making sure every movement works to its highest capacity to maximize your performance.